Automatic tire changer

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AUTOMATIC TIRE CHANGER with side overturning specifically designed for professionals in the sector, suitable for the disassembly and assembly of wheels of cars and vans of considerable weight and dimensions: locking capacity from 10“ to 27”. Their particular sturdiness and reliability, the extractable drawer pedal to facilitate maintenance operations, the double-acting bead breaker cylinder, the low ground clearance and the adoption of numerous patented technical solutions make them ideal for operating on particularly difficult tires. and lowered like the «Run-Flat».

  • • SIDE AUTOMATIC TILTING SYSTEM equipped with game recovery system and double locking system with horizontal arm sliding rollers. The operating arm can be manually operated by a reinforced spring or by pneumatic movement by means of a cylinder to obtain a better level of safety and precision.

    • Available in the version with tipping to the left.

    • QUICK CHANGE TURRET system integrated in the vertical rod that allows an immediate change of the tool without losing the original working capacity of the machine.
    • Supplied with optional UPH and BPS (right tipping), auxiliary equipment that assists the operator during the assembly and disassembly of low or particularly difficult wheels such as Run-Flat.

    • Supplied with optional SPH, tipping to the left.

    Technical data / Technical data

    • Internal clamping capacity / Inside clamping capacity - 13" 27"
    • External clamping capacity / External clamping capacity - 10" - 24"
    • Maximum wheel diameter / Max wheel diameter - 1040 mm (41")
    • Max wheel width / Max wheel width - 14"
    • Torque / Rotation torque - 1200 Nm (400V 3ph)
    • Rotation speed / Turntable speed - 8 rpm
    • Bead breaker force/ Bead breaker force - 2900 Kgf (6395 lbf)
    • Operating pressure / Working pressure - 8-10 Bar (116-145 psi)
    • Motor el. three-phase / 3-phase el. motor - 0.55 kW (0.75 Hp)
    • Motor el. monophase / 1-phase el. motor - 0.75 kW (1.0 Hp)
    • Net weight / Net weight - 265 Kg


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