Tosi SNC

Tosi SNC

Our history

The company "TOSI" was founded in 1976 by an idea of Alessandro Tosi. After a short experience as a tires representative and driven by a strong spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship, he followed  the advice of his father, a man of great knowledge of the tire industry. He began trading tire equipment and materials.

In the '80s the company already developed considerably and imposes as market leader in the Tuscan market.

The success of the company is decisive with the entry of Sonia Matteoni. She assumes  the role of chief executive officer and coordinates the consumables branch. Combining her experience in the automotive sector with the innovative ideas of the founder Alessandro Tosi, the company consolidates its position as market leader.

The new headquarters is built  in Lavaiano (Pisa), a strategic location where a very important communication node will be built: the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno highway.

During the '90s the Company creates a team of professionals experienced in the technical field and expands its services  in other regions: Tuscany - Umbria - Lazio. Tosi Starts up an effective collaboration with foreign customers, exporting its products as well as its know-how.

In the following years the Tosi snc continues to expand providing its products and  services also in the North-Italy.

It acquires the Italy sole right  of SAFETY SEAL  (U.S. patent), the number 1 in the world tire repair  product and  creates valuable kits  such as:

  • KIT MOTO Tosi;  made by the company exclusively for important Italian motorcycle companies;
  • NO-STOP KIT, designed to fix the problem in case of wheel puncture of vehicles and campers marketed without the spare wheel. This product was tested and reviewed with excellent results by the magazine CARAVAN CAMPER.

Tosi starts collaborating as STAR italian exclusive agent, a leader brand in the automotive sector.

Nowadays  the experience and professionalism of TOSI snc, makes the Company  a dynamic forward-looking reality.