Thermal imager

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3-in-1 access control:

• Face recognition

• Temperature detection

• Mask presence

Connectable to CCTV-IP system.

Existing access control.



  • Applications and Main Features
    • Suitable for shops, professional studios, offices, hotels, residences, B & Bs, gyms, restaurants etc.etc.
    • HD IP Camera Resolution 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps H264 / H265 compression
    • Temperature detection Remote adjustable without contact with adjustable sensor
    • Analysis and authorization of person with or without mask in the absence of febrile alteration
    • Voice Guide in ENGLISH of Temperature Anomaly and / or Mask presence
    • Unique algorithm for analyzing facial recognition through 3 VIP-WHITE-BLACK lists
    • Fever Alteration Recognition Time - Mask Presence ? 1 second
    • Face Recognition Time ? 1.4 seconds
    • Face database of up to 30,000 faces
    • 8-inch screen in IPS quality and HD resolution
    • Alarms and notification via instant email
    • Mobile management and connection via APP and CLOUD
    • Die-cast monitor and temperature sensor to prevent thermal alterations
    • Double fixing system Wall version and with table or floor stand
    • Possibility of use on multiple accesses in the same installation
    • Double security for the employer and the employee, both are protected by registration on
    special internal memory of the accesses without having to resort to self-certifications.
    • Quick installation
    • Intuitive and quick installation software
    • STAND ALONE operation - combined with IP CCTV system - combined with existing Access Control.
    • Standard protocol compatible with the best brands of video surveillance and access control systems

Thermal imager

Code: AOF200AH10001


Availability: limited availability