MaxiSys MS906 PRO

MaxiSys MS906 PRO is an advanced 8 inch high performance diagnostic tablet.
The MS906 PRO's Octa-core processor, Android 7 operating system and 128GB of memory enable the tablet to perform advanced diagnostics, including advanced coding, adaptations, battery analysis, electrical system analysis and ADAS calibrations**.
* BT506 required (not included)
** ADAS kit required (not included)
•24 months Warranty
•12 months of Updates
•12 months of telephone assistance

  • Characteristics
    • MaxiCVI V200 wireless Bluetooth communication interface
    • AutoScan - scans all available systems, including ADAS identification
    • Read/clear codes, view freeze frame and live data
    • Performs active tests (bidirectional checks), coding and adaptations
    • AutoVIN/Scan VIN for quick vehicle identification
    • Performs calibrations of ADAS systems (incl. camera(s), radar, LiDAR, night vision) with additional purchase of ADAS kit
    • Cloud-based reporting and data management
    • Advanced encodings

MaxiSys MS906 PRO



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