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S56 T is a universal tyre changer, which allows the assembly and disassembly of wheels from trucks, buses, tractors, industrial machines and earthmoving. Work on rims to channel or circle, with inner tube or tubeless. Its operation is electro-hydraulic and all the controls are inserted in a practical mobile column of controls that allows the user to position it in the most appropriate way. The self-centering hydraulic spindle with double speed motor movement in the two directions, ensures an excellent and safe locking of the wheels from 14" to 46". From 46" to 56" it is necessary to use the prolongas "SE". A complete range of accessories allows you to solve difficult operational problems.

    • Hydraulic pump motor (3ph) 2 Hp 
    • Gearbox motor (3 ph - 2 speed) 1,7 - 2,4 Hp
    • Max wheel diamter 2300 mm
    • Max wheel width 1065 mm
    • It handles wheels from 14" - 56"
    • Net weight 740 Kg 


Code: ASM02XSXX0004


Availability: not available