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Universal electro-hydraulic tire changer designed to operate on wheels with and without inner tube of trucks, buses, tractors and earth moving machines with a maximum diameter of 2450 mm and a maximum thickness of 1220 mm. The central self-centering spindle with channel and ring loops from 14 "to 56". Equipped with a large integral wheel stand and a "stand-by" function for energy saving, the CA 1056 is available in the following versions: N version with 1-speed automatic translation of the tool arm simultaneously to the 1-speed traverse movement of the spindle, in the S version with hydraulic lifting and automatic 2-speed translation of the tool-holding arm simultaneously to the 2-speed movement of the self-centering spindle and in the SL version with also automatic rotation of the work tools.

    • Rim clamping capacity 14"-56"
    • Central hole clamping 110-800 mm (4,3"-31,5")
    • Max wheel diameter 2450 mm (96,5")
    • Max wheel width 1220 mm (48")
    • Max wheel weight 1700 Kg (3750 Ibs)
    • Cylinder lifting capacity 2200 Kg (4850 Ibs)
    • Noise level < 70 +/- 3 dB(A)
    • Hydraulic unit motor (N) 1,5 KW (1,7-2,4 Hp)
    • Hydraulic unit motor (S&SL) 1,3-1,8 (1,7-2,4 Hp)
    • Chuck 3-phase motor 1,3-1,8 KW (1,7-2,4 Hp)
    • Power supply 230-400V/3ph/50-60Hz
    • Net weight 1200 Kg 82645 Ibs)


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Code: ASM02XSXX0018


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