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Electronic wheel washing machines featuring a cleaning method with low-pressure water and plastic granules, designed to handle oversized and heavy car, SUVs and van wheels. Specifically conceived for tyre specialists and designed and tested also for optimal functioning on Racing studded wheels, the product adopts many special technical solutions to make tyre and rim free from road grime, brake dust and other residuals. The spray system geometry and the plastic granule storm are specifically conceived to clean thoroughly even special shaped alloy rims, while the drying system geometry gets rid of the remaining water residuals from tyres, resulting in a cleaner working area during wheel washer unloading phases. The closed water cycle enables an easy waste handling and allows to use a low amount of water if compared to other wheel cleaning solutions. 6 different washing cycles are also available to match different kinds of rims and levels of dirtiness and to make operators able to provide to their customers a safe and professional maintenance and storage activity. Washing performances are further enhanced by using an electronically controlled water heating system. CRV-3000 composed with washing tank in painted stainless steel.


Code: ALR01XXXX0004


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