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Measurement system for wheel alignment of cars and light transport vehicles. The class 2.5 SMA is designed to facilitate all work operations. The structure of P.R.A. is made of high-strength steel sheet painted with epoxy powders, the PC is a high-performance notebook equipped with WI-FI to connect to the customer's network and an integrated webcam. The 8 sensor technology CCD (Charged Coupled Device) installed on the detectors with lithium batteries, with the aid of modern electronic components (Accelerometer MEMS) allows to obtain, following a procedure tested by many years of presence on the market, a rapid measurement and specifies the characteristic geometric angles of the vehicle. The radio communication between the detectors and the PC uses the 2.4 GHz transmission frequency. This technology allows for stable and long-range communication. There are also 7 communication channels available, useful both for multiple installations. The STAR car database contains more than 55,000 vehicles and is constantly updated. Equipped with a very clear and intuitive graphic, the alignment process management software guides the operator through all the phases, making a complex process such as vehicle alignment quick and easy. Through the pre-installed TEAMVIEWER 12 software it is possible for the service center to remotely control the instrument to perform updating and remote assistance operations.


Code: AAL01XSXX0018


Availability: not available